Urban Dictionary definition
- A word an asshole uses when he wants to be an ass. Derived from bullshit. Calling someone out on a lie. Your so full of bullbutter. This shit is bullbutter. Bullbutter!

- A cowman's contemptuous word for oleomargarine is bull butter. Last fall the Iowa Farm Bureau, to whom the cow is sacred... [more...]

The Online Slang Dictionary (A Collaborative Project)
- n. 1. complete nonsense or something that is not true; bullshit 2. bull semen

Calf Fry Pate Bull Butter
- Recipe

ButterBull Cocktail
4 Pint Jug
1/2 Bottle of Vodka
6 shots Butterscotch Schnapps
1 Carton of Apple Juice
2 Cans of Red Bull